Home Care Versus Nursing Home Care



What Seniors Prefer:


Most seniors prefer to stay in their own homes, as opposed to living in a nursing home. Being home is where they feel most comfortable. Home is where they reminisce about good family memories. Home is what they are familiar with. Most seniors want to continue to stay in the environment that has been a part of their lives for many years, rather than move to an institution they are unfamiliar with as they age.


However, things that can make "aging in place", the current term for staying in one's own home as one ages, challenging are everyday tasks such as cleaning, preparing meals, toileting, food shopping, doing laundry, remembering to take medications and going to doctor’s appointments. Even more important are tasks such as remembering to shut the oven off after usage and locking the doors at night.


Furthermore, some patients that live at home without an aide risk falling down, which for frail elders may initiate a downward spiral in their overall health and well-being.



What Can Serene Home Nursing Agency Do to Help My Senior Loved One?


Depending on the individual needs of a senior, an experienced nurse often will recommend a Home Health Aide to help with their daily routine and to help them stay safe. A Serene Home Nursing Agency Home Health Aide can be hired to provide the extra help needed for seniors to be able to age in place. In some cases, home care expenses will be reimbursed by insurance companies. If not, we offer affordable rates to help our seniors continue to live their lives where they are most comfortable: in their own homes.

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Safety Tips for Seniors:

What are Changes that Should be Made to Prevent Falls?

  • Rearrange the furniture to create an unobstructed passageway into and around all rooms.

  • Make sure there are not any rugs or carpets bunched up. Also, make sure they do not have frayed edges that could be tripped on. Finally, make sure that all rugs and carpets are securely anchored to the floor.

  • Install grab bars in the bathroom and railings in all stairwells.

  • Add lighting so that all stairs, exits and entrances are well lit.

  • Tape all cords to the wall.

  • Warn seniors to only carry very small loads in their arms, as larger ones may cause them to lose their balance.

  • Check footwear to see that the soles of shoes worn in the home do not stick to the carpet, as this may cause a risk for the senior to trip and fall.

  • Reduce the number of medications the elder takes, as taking four or more of a particular medication may affect a person's sense of balance.



New Technology Can Help Seniors

  • Electronic devices are now available to help monitor whether or not a senior has taken his or her medication. These electronic devices may also remind the senior to take their medication and may determine whether a senior has opened the refrigerator.

  • Emergency buttons may be worn around the neck and pressed if an emergency situation occurs. In this case, somebody will speak to the senior through the device, assess the situation and call for appropriate help.

  • Cameras can be installed to track a senior's movements, allowing adults, or their children, to monitor the senior and make sure they are safe.

  • New devices are constantly being invented. They can make an enormous difference in a senior's ability to age in place.


We often go above and beyond for our clients and families to provide excellent patient care. We provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week home care services.

In emergency situations we can be reached by phone 24 hours a day.

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